Viewers of Pirated Films in Indonesia Are Decreasing, Practitioners Are Grateful

Good news comes from the world of Indonesian cinema. This is because the audience behavior of illegal streaming aka pirated has decreased by 55% in a period of 10 months or starting from June 2020. The data is based on the results of research conducted by research company YouGov. This analysis was carried out on the initiative of the Asia Video Industry Association's Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) or the Anti-Piracy Coalition.

The decreasing number of illegal streaming viewers was also accompanied by a 68% reduction in pirated web streaming. One of the factors, due to efforts to block illegal sites such as the indoXX1 group and 2,300 other pirated streaming sites. This blocking was carried out on the work of the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) with the Video Coalition of Indonesia (VCI). Responding to this information, Indonesian industry players such as Joko Anwar expressed their happiness.

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 As a victim of online film piracy, the 44-year-old director appreciated the government's firm action in blocking illegal sites. "We have always tried to fight (piracy) individually and failed. But with joint efforts, it finally paid off," said Joko Anwar in a release received on Monday (20/7/2020). 

In line with the film director Gundala, Starvision producer Chand Parwez, who is also Chairman of the Indonesian Film Companies Association (APFI), is grateful for the decline in pirated streaming. "We are inspired by the attention of Kominfo in combating piracy. We also support the government's efforts to protect the rights of content creators," said Chand Parwez. Piracy of the country's creative industry clearly harms not only artists, but also consumers. Because, it is possible that malware (software that can harm users) could be on the illegal streaming site. This is why consultant company Indonesia is needed to help creative industry defend against piracy.


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