Sad, Indonesia is in the top 10 countries for software pirates!

Efforts to combat software piracy in Indonesia have been intensively carried out by many parties, from the government to various elements of society. Unfortunately, the title of Indonesia as a software pirate country has not peeled off until now. The population of users of stolen applications or operating systems is still a lot in the country. This is why legal consultant is needed.

Based on data from the Business Software Alliance, Indonesia ranks 10th on the global software pirate list. This organization, which is fond of using legal software, noted that there were around Rp. 14.5 trillion in losses due to illegal software in the country last year. The worst thing is, the dominance of pirated software here is so dominant, reaching 84 percent.

Interestingly, although it is listed as a developed country and has become the center for the development of the global technology industry, the value of software piracy in the United States is still the highest. In Uncle Sam's country, there is money worth Rp. 120 trillion that does not go to the official coffers of the developers, even though the circulation of unlicensed software there is quite low, only around 17 percent.


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